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Let us first apologize for not putting a post up yesterday. We intended to put this review up last night. However, our roommate was in a scooter accident and ended up with a broken clavicle. He is heavily medicated and doing okay now though. So without any further ado, we continue our weekly reviews of NBC’s Hannibal. Our first review of the pilot was not that great. Last weeks was better though and we are extremely excited as we watch last night’s episode on demand over some liver and faba beans. Here is our recap and review of “Potage”. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

Garrett Jacob Hobbs is out on a little hunting trip with his daughter Abigail. The young lady bags hers first deer and is in for a lesson from daddy about gutting and using every part of a kill. But as she looks down, it turns out the deer is actually a woman that looks very similar to Abigail. But wait, isn’t Garrett Jacob Hobbs dead? Yes, this is the horrible nightmare Abigail is having just before she wakes from the coma her father put her in.

Now awake, the FBI wants to know if she had anything to do with the eight women or father murdered and ate or if she’s knows who did. Will Graham and Dr. Lecter pay her a visit in a psychiatric ward, but are getting little to no information. The tabloid reporter following the case and Graham is not making things any easier either, publishing stories that paint Will in a very psychotic light. In order to get more information about her father’s killings or the copycat killer paying homage to him, they take Abigail to her home where her father and mother were killed. At many times, Abigail seems completely innocent and at others like a sly little fox. When they investigate the cabin where her father committed his atrocities, they discover another woman impaled upon a set of antlers. Lecter advises that Abigail may be the target of a killer. They move to get her out of the city, but as she is gathering her things, the brother of one of her father’s victims sneaks up on her. Seemingly in self-defense, Abigail plunges a knife into the young man and guts him. Seeing what she has done, Hannibal offers to help her hide the body. Afterward, in Lecter’s office, Abigail pays the good doctor a visit. To what end? She has determined that Hannibal was the man that tipped off her father which, in turn, caused his father to kill her mother and almost kill her. Oddly, she seems quite okay with this.

Overall, this show is getting better and better. Who is the copycat killer? Was it the man Abigail killed? Was it Lecter? Or is Abigail’s innocence just a show and she is the real psychopath? The acting is high quality without the melodrama procedurals are known for. The special effects are just as good as any of the Lecter movies. And the story being woven by this show is… delicious. 