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The homicidal artificial intelligence known as Ultron has taken over the world and only a handful of Earth’s heroes remain to fight him off. Problem is, Ultron is so damn smart that he has thwarted every attempt and isn’t even in the same time as the attack. In the previous issue, a small band of the heroes decided to take the fight to Ultron in the future. Wolverine is convinced this is a completely stupid idea and chooses to go a different route… an unspeakable route. What twist will the story take this week? SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

A team consisting of Nick Fury, Captain America, Quake, Red Hulk, Storm, Quicksilver, and others arrives in the future. They send Quicksilver ahead to New York for recon and follow, much slower than the world’s fastest man. When they arrive, they find the entire Eastern seaboard a technological city conceived by Ultron. There are no signs of life anywhere and it is not long before Ultron’s drones show up, ready to attack the heroes. In an aerial dogfight, Quake is blasting through the robots until Captain America is killed in much the same manner as he was in Civil War.

Meanwhile, Wolverine lands in the past and as he trudges through the Savage Lands, discovers he is being followed by Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman. Sue, who was supposed to have gone to the future with the others, changed her mind and now follows Logan on his mission to put an end to Ultron before he is ever created. His plan… kill the Avenger Hank Pym, the man that invented Ultron. The ensuing fight between the man who is “the best at what he does” and Ant Man is short as Wolverine makes quick work of him, slashing the Avenger’s throat while Sue looks on in tears. We are left wondering if this killing has stopped the genocide that will occur years later due to Pym’s creation.

The art in this issue is an improvement over the previous five issues with the layout using fewer two page spreads. Overall, the work feels less rushed and it is a welcome change. We are still not happy with the color scheme though. They seem much too bright for such a dark story and much to alive for so much death. This might be done as a juxtaposition, but nothing in the story indicates this to be the case.

The writing also seems a bit less rushed which is great because Bendis is an amazing writer. The story flows a bit more evenly and there is a bit more story development. We do wish that the fight between Wolverine and Hank Pym had lasted a bit longer, but they way Bendis handled Sue Storm’s struggle between killing and mot killing Ant Man was heartfelt. Combined with the improved art, the rating on this title has gone up a notch. 