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It’s the final four of the first Robot Combat League and we are hoping that these next two fights are just as exciting and amazing as those before them. For the sake of giving you in-depth recaps of the final fights of this series, we are breaking them up. Part 2 will be up shortly after this post. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

In the first fight of the Robot Combat League semi-finals we saw Team Scorpio, a sleek bladed warrior who has chopped all of its previous opponents in half, take on Team Crash, whose roll cage body we predicted would render it opponent’s blades useless. When the bell for the first round rang both robots step up to the center of the ring, their operators fearless and with eyes set on the chance for a $100,000 grand prize. The round started with both teams throwing punch after punch and things seemed pretty evenly matched. So evenly matched in fact that, at one point, Crash drives a strike into one of Scorpio’s punching arms, breaking an actuator in their opponent’s arm as well as their own. Things then turned in Crash’s favor when a powerful punch sends the chest plate of Scorpio’s armor flying through the air. By a stroke of luck though, one of Scorpio’s blades gets into Crash’s midsection, taking out an actuator. Crash shuts down and the judges stop the round early so repairs can be made.

Round two starts with both metal gladiators returning to the ring in fairly good shape. The only exception is that Scorpio’s breastplate is only partially reconnected. It’s operator’s goal now is to play defense and make it to round three, when they can get their wicked drill-shaped weapon. As the punches start landing from Crash though, they realize that they very well might lose their armor again. Brilliantly, they manage to work around to the back of Crash and start using elbow strikes to sent blades into Crash’s back. Just before the end of the round, Crash manages to get back in fighting position and land some blows just before the buzzer ending the round.

It’s round three and we are about to see the robots get their weapons. Scorpio’s is a cone shaped drill like thing with spikes all over it. Very wicked looking. Crash’s is a wedge shaped attachment that resembles a SWAT team battering ram. It would be wise for Scorpio to finish this as quickly as possible considering their breastplate is now pretty much being held on by duct tape. The bell sounds and the two again meet in the center of the ring. Scorpio’s weapon manages to get inside Crash’s roll cage but it doesn’t seem to be doing much damage. Meanwhile, Crash is swinging and swinging, breaking it’s arm again, sending their opponent’s armor to the ground again. The round goes the distance and the bell ring’s, leaving the fight up to the judges. By a scant three point lead, Crash takes the win and becomes the first finalist of RCL.

This was an amazing fight 