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It’s the final fight of the semi-finals of the first ever Robot Combat League! Team Steampunk takes on Team Steel Cyclone and the winner is going on to the final battle for a chance to win $100,000. Steampunk is larger and heavier than their opponent with a longer reach. Can Steel Cyclone overcome these odds and advance? SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

Round one opens with both robots swinging. Steampunk is focused on attacking the head and torso of the smaller robot like a playground bully. Steel Cyclone has a different plan though. The bigger robot has no armor on its arms and Steel Cyclone goes for them immediately, taking one out and nearly takes out the other. Then Steampunk starts leaking from its torso cavity and hydraulic fluid starts shooting from Steel Cyclone’s arm and drenching its operators. The bell sound to end the round and the robots are taken to the pits where it is discovered that Steampunk has a severed hose in the chest cavity. Lacking time to fix it, the crew shoves rags inside the robot to absorb the leaking fluids and gets the back plate back on just in time to enter the second round.

Both robots having taken damage, it seemed both were a little squeamish about engaging each other in the second round. It is Steel Cyclone that advances into Steampunk’s personal space and starts swinging. And though Steampunk starts swinging back, they lose some of the rags holding their fluids in and begin leaking profusely from the torso. Again, Steel Cyclone’s arm actuator goes out and starts spraying just as the bell signals the end of the round. Fortunately, Steampunk has time to replace the broken hose this time. Steel Cyclone makes quick work of replacing the actuator (all the teams should be pros at this by now). Both teams also get the weapons attached to their robots’ arms as well. Steampunk sports a large pronged fist designed to break, rupture, and maim. Steel Cyclone uses a three bladed attachment designed to slash through an opponent’s armor.

Round three sounds and both teams are going for broke. Steampunk’s weapon slams into Steel Cyclone’s midsection, sending pieces of armor to the ground. But just when we think that weapon is going to win the fight, the arm carrying it goes out and the weapon becomes useless. They continue swinging, but it is just a dead arm. Cyclone on the other hand is slashing away and punching, sending sparks flying and even starting a small fire in Steampunk’s torso before the buzzer ends the round. Both teams come down to await the judges’ decision and, by the small margin of one point, Steampunk is awarded the win. They advance to take on Crash in the final match next week.

Wait, Steampunk won? Did the judges see the same fight we did? In our eyes, this was not a close fight and the winner was most definitely Steel Cyclone. The only real damage they took was the arm actuator while Steampunk lost actuators and hoses and was set on fire. Yes, they threw punches, but they failed to truly harm their opponent despite their size. This makes it hard to rate this fight considering we love watching robots fight each other. We feel this was a poor decision by the judges though and have to rate this fight at ½ with a total rating of ¾ for the entire episode.