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If you haven’t been watching History Channel’s Vikings, you are missing out. Honestly people, Game of Thrones airs at 9 pm EST and we know you hate it when the episode is over. But you don’t have to suffer. The next best show is on TV comes on right after it at 10 pm. Filled with political intrigue, epic battles, and clever acting; Vikings provides pretty much everything GoT does, but with less swearing and nudity. We have watched every episode to date and have been continually impressed. What did tonight’s episode do for us? SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

In last week’s episode, Ragnar managed to kill the greedy earl and become the earl himself. However, his brother, Rollo, does not seem happy with this as they prepare for their next raid on England. The vikings’ boats land on the shores of the Thames and they set up camp as the king of Northumbria in England jests and boasts. But as the English hold off on their attack and sleep Ragnar’s company moves in for the kill. Needless to say, it becomes an excellently choreographed slaughter. Among those captured is the king’s own brother whom they take as ransom to the castle. Tensions mount though as the ever eager for a fight Rollo wishes to attack the king while the English are weak and Ragnar forbids it. Again though, Rollo gives in and the king is ready to make terms for the return of his brother and for the raiders to leave England. If the king was appalled at viking table manner, he was even more appalled at Ragnar’s request for 2,000 pounds of gold and silver. Yet he agrees… if one of the vikings take up the Christian faith. Surprisingly, it is Rollo that volunteers. Despite this, the king fails to keep his word and sends an attack instead… an attack that Ragnar is well prepared for. Quick work is made of the English in another epic battle and Rollo, fearing that he has offended Odin by being baptized, makes sure there are no survivors. It takes Ragnar sending the king’s brother back dead for the king to finally uphold his end of the bargain. We end the episode with the king declaring war on the vikings.

Once again, History Channel has brought us an episode that outdoes anything else they have put out before. Well crafted battle scenes, excellent cinematography, superior acting, and historical accuracy to boot. And we didn’t even tell you about the subplot involving Ragnar’s wife and the previous earl’s widow. This is a definite must watch show week in and week out. This is the best show on free cable and the second best show on television (no offense History Channel, GoT is still the best). 