In yesterday’s opening to this series, Money, Man’s Solution To Everything, we looked at the reason behind humanity creating money. The article admitted that the invention helped solve the problems created by the barter system but, upon further examination of the monetary system, we found that it led to the creation of poverty in the world. Yet, as we are about to see, poverty is only the beginning of the problems. If money creates poverty, think then of all the problems that poverty creates. On the surface are the most obvious: hunger, loss of housing, loss of jobs, poor hygiene, loss of healthcare, and much more.

Wait a minute, being poor can cause you to lose your job?

Consider this scenario. A married couple with two children are working to make ends meet. Both make $8.00 per hour and average about 30 hours per week. This adds up to $24,960 per year… before taxes. They are actually only making about $18,720. Let’s say they are paying daycare for one child at the United States average annual cost of $11,666. Now they only have $7,054 for the year. Their rent for a two bedroom apartment comes to $9,600 per year and, after paying it, they are making -$2546. And they haven’t even paid for food, healthcare, clothing, utilities, phone, or any luxuries.

Seeing the situation they are in, one person stops working to avoid having to pay the daycare provider. The other person takes up another job to make up the loss. They are now working 60 hours per week, but is under constant stress. The non-working partner is stressed at home as well and gets upset that the person working 20 hours over the “normal” number of hours in a week has no desire to help around the house. Problems arise and it leads to divorce. One of the partners now has to pay child support, alimony, their own rent, their own food, their own clothing, and everything else. Despite not having a family anymore, they still have to work unreasonable hours to make ends barely meet. The stress and situation leads to depression, a loss of housing (unable to pay rent on minimal income), without a house their grooming becomes more difficult, and as a result they lose their jobs. Depression worsens and, eventually, gets so bad that the person decides to take their own life.

I wish I could say that this is an extreme case scenario, but it is actually a quite common occurrence. And the list of stories and scenarios caused by poverty are endless.

It Stands To Reason

We’ve all heard the phrase, possession is nine tenths of the law. Well, if this is the case, then it stands to reason that not possessing (poverty) is nine tenths of crime. When people need food, money, medicine, or some other necessity in life, it is not beyond anyone to steal or kill for it. Poverty can then be linked to theft, murder, robbery, fraud, extortion, blackmail, drug trafficking, and much more. But it’s not only poor people that commit these crimes, you say. Very true. Greedy people commit them as well; and isn’t greed just a form of self-imposed poverty (the feeling that you will never have enough money)?

Worse Crimes Committed By The Rich

In countries around the world, people are starving while companies in better off countries throw thousands of pounds of food away daily. In other countries people are infected with diseases that have been completely removed from richer nations. Sadly, people are dying from diseases and conditions that can easily be treated with over the counter medicines. Genocide is taking place in countries that stronger nations could end in a weekend. In fact, the world’s richest nations could band together and solve many of the world’s problems. The biggest driving factor behind why they don’t is the fact that there is no economic gain in doing so.

It has become increasingly obvious that humanity needs a solution to the problems generated because we didn’t have the foresight to see what money would do. But what could that solution possibly be? Visit us for our final post in the series tomorrow.