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In the last issue of Marvel’s Age of Ultron miniseries, a handful of Earth’s remaining heroes have made it to the Savage Lands in order to prepare for an assault on Ultron. Among them are Wolverine, Red Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and others. Their plan was to travel forward in time and attack the super intelligent artificial intelligence known as Ultron. How’d that work out for them? SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

The first stop on the heroes’ journey is a secret bunker in the Savage Land built by Nick Fury. Lacking the security code to get inside, Red Hulk smashes through the door and is met with an attack from the other side. But it’s not Ultron’s drones or Vision, but the one-eyed secret agent himself. Fury, you see has become a little paranoid that some people aren’t who they appear to be. But once that stituation is figured out, the team prepares to travel into the future. Only, Tony Stark is not impressed with this plan. Ultron, Tony is convinced, is aware of this plan and may have set it up. Seeing his point, the heroes decide to instead travel back in time to convince Henry Pym into never creating Ultron to begin with. Wolverine thinks this will only encourage the scientist to create the machine and decides that he will go back alone to do the unthinkable… Logan intends to kill Pym.

The last issue of this miniseries did not get a very good review from us. This issue was an improvement over the last though. The art doesn’t feel as rushed and there is more dialog than there has been in the past issues. However, we often find the dialog to be repeating what has already been said 100 times in this series. Pym created Ultron… it’s Pym’s fault. Remember, dialog is supposed to move the story forward, not repeat what we already know. Spidey (Doc Ocs mind in Peter Parker’s body) does get a good line though.

Captain America: How’s your spider-sense?

Spider-Man: Pretty good, how’s yours?

Despite the improvements, we are giving this title the same score as the last issue’s ½alien heads.