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Leading up to Marvel’s Infinity story arch this summer is a prelude storyline, Thanos Rising. With Age of Ultron still raging on and our budget to purchase comics for review being restricted, we were hesitant to pick up what promises to be another massive story with several tie-ins. But, we figured what the heck and picked up the card stock variant edition. After reading it today, we thought we’d bring you a late review.

Thanos Rising is intended to give us the origin story of the title character. Issue one begins with Thanos arriving to his ruined homeland, Titan (Saturn’s largest moon), in order to visit the grave of his mother. The rest of the issue is a flashback that begins with the birth of Thanos and moves to an event that would start him on the path to becoming a violent warmonger. To avoid ruining the story for those who have not read it yet, I will not post the plot here. A detailed synopsis can be found on the Thanos Rising Wikipedia page. But, we will tell you what we though about the issue.

The main miniseries is being written by Jason Aaron, an Eisner nominee for his miniseries The Other Side. Marvel could not have picked a better writer either. Aaron’s story actually makes Thanos, the being that would create the Infinity Gauntlet and use it to destroy half of all life in the universe, likable. I mean, this is the equivalent of making someone like Hitler despite knowing what he is going to do. The dialog is solid and flows naturally to give us the story as opposed to relying on captions like so many flashback stories have done.

The art by Simone Bianchi is great for the story as well. Each panel is consistent with detail and the expressions on the characters’ faces convey just as much about the story as Aaron’s dialog. What we love most about the art though are the minimalist shots of Thanos against white backgrounds, giving the reader a real feel for how alone and disconnected the character feels.

Overall we are extremely glad we gave this issue a chance and prefer it to any of the issues from the Age of Ultron storyline (including the two tie-ins currently released for it). We highly recommend it for anyone that enjoys an awesome story with awesome art. 