Last week left us with the first match set up, between Crash and Scorpio, for the semi finals of SyFy Channel’s amazing new series Robot Combat League. In last week’s recap we predicted that the loser of this fight would have to take on Steampunk for a chance to get back into the competition. Turns out, we were wrong and one of the previously defeated teams will be taking Steampunk on. We also predicted that Crash would win the fight and, eventually, the championship. Were we right and are we still predicting Crash for the win? Read on to find out what happened and what we think will happen.

To determine who will face Steampunk in the semi finals, the defeated competitors are invited back. Each defeated team is then given the ability to vote for who should be allowed another shot, but may not vote for themselves. Absent from the voting and chance at redemption for some reason is Team Commander. But the voting goes on and the winners are Thunder Skull (Heather Williams/Jock, and Brandon Lewis/Tech) and Steel Cyclone (Bayano Kamani/Jock and Dr. George Kirkman/Tech). The two teams are then given 60 minutes to repair and reassemble their robots. Both finish with scant seconds to spare and we are ready for the wildcard fight of the first Robot Combat League.

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Round one starts with Thunder Skull rushing in and swinging away at their opponent. Steel Cyclone backs away, searching for an opening. Thunder Skull keeps pressing in though so Steel Cyclone starts throwing rights that their opponent doesn’t seem to be able to defend against. Thunder Skull loses from decorative elements and towards the end of the round starts leaking from its left arm. However, the round goes to them considering they didn’t stop swinging until the bell rang. Yes, Heather Williams remembered to stop swinging at the bell this time.

Fearing that Heather’s wild swinging caused unneeded stress to the arms (hence the leaking) Thunder Skull hangs back after the bell for round two. Steel Cyclone advances, but it is Thunder Skull that lands the first blow. Thunder Skull then takes a few huge hits, but is again throwing haymakers like there is no tomorrow. As Steel Cyclone lands their battering ram punches, a blow to their midsection dents the armor severely and is crippled when the dented armor breaks a waist actuator. Again, the round goes to Thunder Skull as Steel Cyclone is hoisted up for repairs.

Bayano and Dr. Kirkman are able to make the repairs within the allotted 20 minutes, but need a KO to win the match at this point. The bell rings and Thunder Skull comes in aggressively, figuring they had the match in the bag, and strike first. But Steel Cyclone does not intend on giving away another round. They start swinging back and landing huge punches. Then, a glorious blow to Thunder Skull snaps the robot nearly in half and spills hydraulic fluid on the floor. It is announced a KO and Steel Cyclone advances to the semi finals to face Steampunk.

But this was not the last surprise of the night. After the match the final four teams are brought out and are allowed to choose a weapon. That’s right, a weapon capable of shredding, bashing, slicing, or gorging another robot. With that, we really can’t say who is going to win these matches. Given the weapon Scorpio chose, we feel they have a very strong chance against Crash (last week we predicted Scorpio would lose). The fight between Steampunk and Steel Cyclone is too close to call. You’ll just have to tune in next week.