Given the poor manner in which Fox handled Deadpool in the Wolverine movie (not to mention Gambit), I was glad to hear about Ryan Reynolds (perfect for the role by the way) talking about an R-rated spin-off. Then the script was leaked and I refused to read it or anything about it. Let’s face it, they have probably changed it since it’s leak a couple years ago. Everything could be different, including the villain. Therefore, we have compiled a list of baddies that we would love to see “the Merc with a Mouth” go up against.

First on our list is Fabian Cortez, a mutant with the ability to increase other mutant’s powers to the point of destroying it’s wielder. It would be interesting to see how the film would take accelerate an already accelerated healing ability. In fact, we can almost hear the Benjamin Button jokes spilling from the screen already. And what would the plot be? How about pre-Wolverine X-Men needing to find out why mutant powers are going out of control that hire Deadpool not knowing what they are getting into.

If that’s not your fancy, how about Mister X. This crazy S.O.B. witnessed a woman dying when he was just a kid and hadn’t been the same since. He found the experience euphoric and turned to murder to get his fix. But when that started losing its thrill, he started training and setting his sights on more difficult prey. And what is more difficult than a mutant that is almost impossible to kill that is more skilled than you? There you have the plot, a no-brain-required bloodbath filled with witty one-liners.

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Still, not working for you? Here’s our personal favorite. Wade Wilson, a bad ass black ops soldier recently diagnosed with cancer, volunteers for a new program that might save his life… the Weapon X program. Trouble is, his new healing factors accelerate the cancer and keep him alive at the same time. As his mind becomes more disfigured than his face, Wilson is given one last mission (one his creators hope he will not return from). Top American ambassadors in the former Soviet Union have mysreiously died and Codename: Deadpool is going to find out why. What he finds is the KGB’s Omega project and, namely, Omega Red. What we have here is a setting ripe for intense action, political intrigue, and tons of vodka jokes.

Who would you like to see as Deadpool’a rival in the upcoming movie? Let us know in the comments and join us tomorrow when we will discuss why we did not list Cable in our picks.