In the wee hours of the morning, we posted our top three picks for who we would like to see Deadpool face in the new movie (currently waiting for a greenlight from Fox). Admittedly, three characters is not a lot. However, we have been thinking long and hard about this post. In this segment (to become regular) we offer you a movie we want to see made. Now, we remember when Wizard magazine used to run who they would like to see cast in roles for certain movies, but we are taking it a step farther. Geeking Cool is bringing you cast, director, and a brief synopsis. And we are kicking things off with a character we intentionally left off of our Deadpool rival list: CABLE.


In present day Scotland, a man whose body is covered in a strange organic metal appears with no memories or recollection of how he got there. His only clues to who he is are brutal nightmares about a desolate future ravaged by war. Taken in by a renowned geneticist, it is discovered that he is a mutant infected with some unknown disease. To add the mystery, he meets a woman several years younger than him, claiming to be his mother (Jean Grey, prior to her death and being cloned as Madelyne Pryor). Though the use of the woman’s strange telepathic powers, the man remembers who he is and that he has traveled 2,000 years into the past in order to save the world.

Cable on

His brother, a clone of himself has traveled back through time with a deadly weapon. A deadly virus that turns humans into super-powered mutants. Adopting the name Cable, the man assembles a team of mutants to lead an assault against the man calling himself Stryfe. X-Force is born.


Who should we pick to play one of Marvel’s most intimidating bad asses? Why, an intimidating bad ass of course. And who is more of an intimidating bad ass in Hollywood than Gerard Butler (300, Gamer, Olympus has Fallen). Time and time again, Butler proven himself as a solid action star. Dye his hair white, give him a big ass gun, and you got yourself Cable.

Who to play Stryfe then…hmmm… Well, he is a clone of Cable and we would love to see Gerard Butler beat the hell out of himself. So why not cast Butler as both the hero and villain of this story. It’s not like we’d cast him in every role like some Eddie Murphy film.

We know that some people would say, for continuity’s sake, we should cast Famke Janssen again in the role of Jean. Those people would be wrong. Instead, we cast Amanda Seyfried (Red Riding Hood and Jennifer’s Body). Remember, we need Jean to be quite young and we feel she would look great with the signature red hair.

Moira MacTaggert, the geneticist that takes Cable in is a tough part to cast. But we figured, why not go for a strong-willed actress that can pull of a top level scientist as well. Naturally, we turn to Sigourney Weaver (Aliens and Avatar). Her ability to kick ass, tell it like it is, and sound smart all at the same time leaves us no other choice.

In the role of the X-Force team member Caliban, we feel that motion capture used in Avatar would be the best choice, but who should do the honors of getting captured and doing the voice? We choose Ving Rhames (Dawn of the Dead and Pulp Fiction) Not only is this guy cut of of stone, he also has the voice of a beastly creature you don’t want to face in a dark alley.

To play Cypher,the mutant with the ability to understand absolutely any language (including PC programming and body language) should be played by Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints and The Walking Dead). Anyone that denies this man’s ability to kick ass has no idea what they are talking about and we would love to see him in a somewhat geekier role.

Assuming the role of Feral, we have to go with Zoe Saldana. Her job as Neytiri in Avatar and her action sequences in The Losers and Columbiana fully convinced us that she would be able to pull this role off with flying colors.

And what of Cable’s confidant and, at times, lover Domino? It simply wouldn’t be X-Force without her and, while some would suggest Meagan Fox, we have a different idea. Instead of the Transformers vixen, we choose Olivia Munn from G4TV’s Attack of the Show and WWF (World Wildlife Fund) ads. Look at her in the G.I. Joe Baroness outfit and tell us we’re wrong.

For cameos, how about Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (only doing it right this time). Also, we would love to see Warpath in the movie. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of buff Native American actors in Hollywood these days.


Who would we like to pen the script for our epic romp with the offspring of Scott and Madelyne Summers? This needs to be an intelligently conceived and elegantly plotted script. It needs heavy doses of action, but also dialog that doesn’t come across as cheesy. Therefore, we choose Andy and Lana Wachowski, the minds behind The Matrix. They delivered a great plot with characters that could be believed. How many of you actually wondered whether or not we were living in a matrix after watching that movie?

This leaves our big man on campus, the director. We were almost tempted to say the Wachowskis again, but then we thought a little harder. When you want big explosions, giant robots (yeah, we want Sentinels), and nonstop action there are a few trusted names. The one we chose is Michael Bay. If there are two things this man is known for it is giant robots and blowing things up. He fits the bill perfectly

What do you think about our model for a Cable movie? Would this be something you go see in the theater and pay an extra $3.50 for 3D glasses? Would you cast anyone differently? Would this be the X-Force team you put together? Let us know all this and anything else you’d like in your comments.