100DaysAviSince I was a little boy I wanted to be a writer. I have written a few things here and there and even got paid for a poem I wrote some years ago. However, I’ve always had something of an issue with finishing things I start. That is, until I came across blogging and Twitter. Since then, I have made regular posts to this blog and several updates to Twitter a day. And the formats led me to an awesome experiment idea. Ladies and Gentlemen, announcing 100 Days of Hell.

The idea is to record 100 days in the lives of people struggling to survive a zombie outbreak. But here’s the twist- the story will be delivered via status updates on Twitter. Each day, the entries from a survivor’s diary will be revealed little by little in Twitter’s 140 character format. One the entry for that day is over it will be posted to the 100 Days of Hell blog. That way people that missed the posts for the day or who are coming in in the middle can easily catch up. But that’s not all.

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What happens when the 100 days is over? Well, for starters, the story will be collected together and shopped around for publication (or possibly even self published). Yeah, you saw that coming. But how about this… while the stories are being released through Twitter and the blog, they will also be hand written in a composition book. Then one lucky follower will receive the notebook, hand written by the author himself. Also, depending on how popular the story is online, more stories may be developed.

The first story (or season) focuses on James Spade, a man that watched as he lost everything at the onset of the outbreak. As the world goes to hell around him, James struggles to hold on to his humanity. But this is a different world now, an inhumane world, and it may be humanity that he needs to let go of in order to survive.

So when am going to unleash hell on Twitter and the blogosphere? Well, I have the 100 Days of Hell account up on Twitter and the blog is ready to be posted on. Now, I am just waiting for the story to gain 100 followers. If you are interested in following, click here. The, tell your friends using the hashtag #SpreadTheInfection.