Ah, humanity… you silly, silly creatures. Thousands of years ago you conceive the idea of evolution. Since then, you have refined the idea and shown it to be a scientific fact. And what have you done with this incredible knowledge? Aside from digging in the dirt, publishing papers and books, and arguing over whether or not we should believe in a scientific fact – absolutely nothing. That’s right, despite your ability for logical thought and deductive reasoning, you have failed to see the biggest advantage of holding this knowledge.
Knowledge is Power
Given the subject matter of this article, I find it ironic that it was Sir Frances Bacon who said “Knowledge is Power” in his 1597 Religious Meditations Of Heresies. But what power could we possibly derive from knowing that plants and animals change in order to adapt to their environments? Well, considering humans ARE animals, we are subject to the very same laws of evolution as any other species out there. What sets us apart though is that we know about evolution and simply knowing about evolution allows us to control the process. That’s right, simply knowing about the evolutionary process and accepting that we are subject to it gives us the power to control our own evolution.
The State of Man
That man has ability to control its own evolution may seem like a “well, duh” statement, one has only to look at the current state of mankind to see that we completely missed this fact. Instead of shaping ourselves into a race of logical beings living in unison with our environments and each other, we quarrel with each other over any number of reasons. Instead of simplifying life and optimizing it, we create vast and complicated systems of living. And if a system proves to be failing, we either replace it with a new system or make that system even more complicated.

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If humanity continues down this path, it is reasonable to believe that another species will eventually become aware of the evolutionary process. When (not if) this happens, how long will it be before they become the dominate species? Chimpanzees, in fact, have recently shown the ability to think about thought… one of the traits that allowed humans to derive the concept of evolution. Of course, given humanity’s track record and if we are still around, we would probably declare war on the rising species and wipe them out.
Weigh In
What are your thoughts on the subject? Has humanity completely thrown away the advantages of knowing about evolution? Let us know in the comments below.