Love history? Love games like Viking: Battle for Asgard? How about brutal battle scenes set in an even more brutal tenth century? Then you are going to love History Channel’s Vikings. If you haven’t been watching, you don’t know what you’re missing. Geeking Cool has watched since the beginning and the show continues to impress us. If you have been watching, but haven’t caught the new episode – SPOILER ALERT!

Jealous and greedy Earl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne), fearing that the shows main character Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) will seek revenge for the attempt on his life, organizes a raid on his adversary’s village. Just when he thinks he has Ragnar at his mercy, he escapes and is nursed back to health by his friend Floki (Gustav Skarsgard). It is here that we see the interesting relationship between Ragnar and Athelstan (a slave priest played by George Blagden). Despite Ragnar’s people having slaughtered his own, the priest prays for his owner’s life. Meanwhile, as Haraldson’s daughter is being married to an earl from Sweden, Ragnar’s brother Rollo (Clive Standen) arrives and tells them Ragnar is dead in hopes of getting back into the raiding parties, but his sights are instead set on Haraldson’s wife. Siggy (Jessalyn Gilsig), the earls wife seems to feel the same for Rollo and warns him that Haraldson may intend to harm him. Stubborn as usual, Rollo fails to listen and finds himself in a torture chamber to be questioned about his brother’s whereabouts. When news of this gets to Ragnar he sends Floki to Haraldson with a challenge… either face him in personal combat or face shame from Odin himself.

This episode features strong character development, especially between Ragnar and Athelstan. More and more we are beginning to think that the captive priest is being converted to Paganism as he grows fonder and fonder of his viking master. It also features one of the most beautifully choreographed battles on television as Ragnar fights through the earl’s men to get to his family. We give it five alien heads .