We have watched SyFy Channel’s Robot Combat League since it first aired in March. There is something about giant robots beating the hell that gets our blood pumping. Tonight’s episode did not fail at this in the slightest. Here is our review of tonight’s episode. WARNING: SPOILERS

In the first fight, father/daughter duo Amber (Jock) and Dave (Tech) Shinsel (Team Crash) squared off against Russel Tait (Tech) and Devonric Johnson (Jock) (Team Brimstone). In an exciting first round, both robots come in swinging. After a large blow landed by Amber, one of the accentuators in Brimstone’s left arm breaks and it’s midsection catches fire. Luckily, the hydraulic fluid spewing from its arm put it out. Then, when Crash lands yet another huge punch on Brimstone’s arm, it breaks its own right arm. By the time the bell rang, both robots were hemorrhaging hydraulic fluid. Both robots returned for round two in an immediate slugfest. The round was pretty evenly matched, both bots landing solid punches until the final seconds. Just before the bell rings though, Crash’s arm starts spewing hydraulic fluid again. Repairs are able to be made though and we see one of the few third rounds we’ve seen all season. Both Crash and Brimstone come in strong, but Crash is landing the majority of the blows. Finally, there is a massive explosion from Brimstone’s midsection and, when the smoke clears, the dome-headed behemoth is doubled over, gushing hydraulic fluid from its guts. The result is a KO and Team Crash moves to the semi-finals to face Team Scorpio.

In the second fight of the night, Kyle Sampson (Tech) and Ashley Mary Nunes (Jock) of Team Steampunk face Fazlul Zubair (Tech) and Ciji Thorton (Jock) of Team Drone Strike. Drone strike opens the round with a solid punch to Steampunk’s face. This would be the worst they do though. Steampunk stays close to their opponent, landing blow after blow. As Drone Strike tries desperately to escape, they break their own accentuator. As hydraulic fluid geysers from its arm, Drone Strike is narrowly saved by the bell. Round two starts with Steampunk going straight for the midsection of Drone Strike and barely a minute into the round a center accentuator on Drone Strike snaps. The robot keels over as if in pain and the judges call the round early so Fazlul and Ciji can attempt to repair their broken warrior. Amazingly, they are able to make the bell for the final round (though at this point they would probably need a KO to win). Again, Steampunk goes straight for the midsection, landing punch after punch. Suddenly, Drone Strike stops responding to its operators and Steampunk is able to attack the hell out of their opponent without fear of retaliation. Despite this, Team Steampunk fails to get a KO and the fight goes to judges’ decision. There is little to decide though and Steampunk is announced the winner, sending them to the semi-finals.

But wait, Team Steampunk has no opponent for next week. Wikipedia has them listed as being on a bye week. Does this mean they are actually finalists? We think not. Here is what we expect to see. Team Scorpio and Team Crash will face each other. The loser of this fight will then take on Steampunk. And the winner of that fight will advance to the finals. In the end, we expect a rematch between Scorpio and Crash with Crash winning the whole thing. What do our readers think? Who will walk away the champion of Robot Combat League?