The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

In this late edition of Geeking Cool we have quite a bit in store for you. First, we just finished watching the season 3 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead and we have a lot to say about it. Then, is a 10th grade science teacher using the word “vagina” during class inappropriate? Four parents in Idaho seem to think so. After that, we have are ready to announce our upcoming Twitter project with a pretty neat give away to accompany it. Finally, we managed to get quite a few followers this week on Twitter, but we are overjoyed to announce one in particular that we got tonight. Enjoy the issue.

Walking Dead, Season Three Is Over. What Did We Think Of The End?

Talk about suspense! If you’ve been following this show then you know it’s been a stressful ride this year. We lost Merle last episode and everyone was afraid we would lose Daryle tonight. Fortunately, we did not and the season’s final episode did not fail to disappoint on any other level.

We start with The Governor (he’s somewhat of a psychopath) beating the holy hell out of Milton, his right hand man, for foiling his plan to turn zombies loose on Rick and his group. He then tries to force Milton to kill his other prisoner, Andrea. When he refuses, The Governor shanks the poor guy in the stomach and leaves him to turn into a walker and kill her anyway.

Rick and his “people”, hold up in a prison, are faced with either fleeing those safe walls or engaging in a war with the people of the nearby town, Woodbury. After Team Woodbury mows through the walkers and busts into the prison, it seems they have left. That is until all hell breaks loose and Team Prison opens fire from their hiding spots, sending Woodbury citizens running for home. That is, except for a young man that runs and finds himself staring into Carl’s silencer. Pop son.

Meanwhile, Milton is not quite dead and Andrea struggles to get herself free of her handcuffs. But Milton is bleeding out fast. Can the damsel in distress Houdini in time to escape the gnashing teeth of a hungry zombie?

Oh, by the way, The Governor was not happy about his people running from the fight and expresses said anger by firing a volley of rounds into his soon to be dead friends. Two manage to survive and have no other choice but to ride away with the madman. One other hides under a fallen comrade and narrowly cheats death. She will later be discovered by Team Prison and taken in.

At the prison, the gang decides to pay a visit to Woodbury and finish the job. After Rick’s young son Carl pretty much tells the rough ex-sheriff to man up. When they get there though, they find a very disheartening scene. I’ll not ruin the end for those that haven’t seen it. But more blood will be shed before the credits roll for the last time this season.

Overall, this episode built so much suspense that there was little Tweeting going on at all. David Morrissey truly brought the madness of this character to life this episode. And to see how Carl has changed over the past three years in amazing. If you missed this episode, watch it. If you haven’t been watching this series, start. We give it ☆☆☆☆☆ – Geeking Cool.

Vagina!!! You Can’t Teach Kids About That!!!

In Deitrich, Idaho, 10th grade science teacher Tim McDaniel made the huge mistake of teaching his biology class something. You see, McDaniel used the term “vagina” while teaching his students about human anatomy. Four parents have filed complaints about the incident claiming that he also made inappropriate jokes during the class. Hmmm… as I remember it from school, usually it was the children making inappropriate jokes about the subject.

If this were not enough though, the parents have also files complaints about Mr. McDaniel taught their children about STDs and birth control, and even showed them a clip from An Inconvenient Truth that *gasp* led to a conversation about climate change.

Mr. McDaniel has clearly stated that he did not teach anything that wasn’t in a textbook. It has also been reported that students in support of their teacher claimed the complaints were due to parental religious objections.

While the Deitrich superintendent stated that the investigation will not likely result in Tim McDaniel being dismissed. However, here at Geeking Cool, we can’t help but be appalled. I am not a religious person. The level of logic I operate on does not permit me to believe the unbelievable. Yet, I realize that religion is intended to instill values in humanity. This is a good thing, but a moral person ignorant of the world around them and things as important as sex ed is still just an ignorant person. I’d like to hear from readers on this. What are your thoughts on the subject?

Coming Soon From Rogue Parlor – Zombies

With The Walking Dead being over for now, there are undoubtedly many out there looking for more zombies to fill their cravings. Rogue Parlor Media is happy to comply. We will be releasing a serialized zombie book on Twitter. The project will run for as long as it takes to fill an entire notebook with diary entries from the zombie apocalypse with each entry being released in the 140 character format per day. At the end of the day, the entry will go up on a blog to save readers the trouble of having to scroll through possibly hundreds of tweets for that day.

But wait, there’s more! These diary entries will also be hand-written by Rogue Parlor Media founder Raymond J. Repass! And what happens when that notebook is filled? Raymond is going to put that damn thing through hell to make it look like it actually went through the zombie epidemic! Then what we’re gonna do is give that notebook away to one lucky follower of the series on Twitter! Oh, and if the series is popular enough, we may do something crazy – like put the film/television rights for the story up on ebay! Stay posted to the blog and our Twitter, The Geeking Cool Mainframe, for the most up to date information.

Who Followed Us?

On the Geeking Cool Twitter page we have received quite a few followers this week. All of our followers are awesome for taking the time to read at least one post that urged them to click follow. However, we were really excited when we checked our new followers and saw Flobots on the list.

If you have not heard their music, they are a rock/hip hop group from Denver, Colorado. Their songs touch upon everything from comics and video games to non-violent activism and climate change. We have loved their message from the first time we ever heard their single Handlebars. Give it a listen below.

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Geeking Cool. The next issue will be on April 7th when we review the Game of Thrones season premiere and what we got at the comic shop.