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04 Geek TVTonight, we are introduced to SyFy’s newest show, Weird or What, hosted by the famous William Shatner. The premise of the show is not new at all. If you have ever watched Mysteries, Magic, and Miracles or Unsolved Mysteries then you have seen this show. Therefore, the real challenge before SyFy and Mr. Shatner have before them is making this show stand out from its predecessors. And while we are happy to see William Shatner in something other than Priceline commercials again, we are not very hopeful as the first episode “Alien Encounters” is about as generic a subject as you can get. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading


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03 ScienceSilicon is not just for computers and breast enlargement anymore. It was reported on Science Daily today that scientists at Rice University have discovered that, in a liquid crystal state, silicon becomes 90% stiffer when gently and repeatedly compressed. Since silicon is biocompatible, this material can be used to engineer human tissue and may soon be used to patch up damaged cartilage. However, we can think of quite a few ways we’d like to see liquid crystal silicon put to use. Below are just a few. Continue reading

02 IndiegeekWe have yet another wonderful short film for you. Plurality is a sleek science fiction film from the Short Time Quickies YouTube channel. The film is set in the not-too-distant future of New York following the installment of a security grid that tracks people’s every action through DNA. The result is a lower crime rate and more efficient lives for New Yorkers (not having to carry around keys, credit cards, etc). But is this security system in the people’s best interest? Continue reading

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In the first episode of SyFy’s Defiance we were given a glimpse at the show’s approach to large scale sci-fi action. Last week’s episode gave us a terrorist plot/political landscape storyline. This week, SyFy offers us a murder mystery with some expansion on Irathient culture. Defiance is gearing up to be a truly versatile show that can easily blend other genres into its science fiction base with entertaining results. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading

We are going to be experiencing some changes here at Geeking Cool in light of recent events in the personal life of its owner/operator. In the wake of his recent separation from his wife, there will be a much wider variety of posts coming from us as he no longer needs to dedicate spending time with her. Also, he has had to pick up a second job. Therefore some posts, mainly reviews, may come a bit later than usual. It will be hard to get a review of certain shows up if I am working at a normal job until 3 am. However, the posts will continue to pour in. Continue reading

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We can predict many things that will happen in the realms depicted in Game of Thrones, but peace will never be one of them. This show is rife with turmoil, pain, and conflict runs just as deeply through every character as it does between them. At times, it is nothing more than the stakes that keep the poor souls that populate this world moving forward. It is what makes us feel so deeply for them, as their suffering draws out our compassion. I mean who isn’t still reeling from Ned Stark’s death back in season one? Still, despite all this suffering, we trudge on through the muddy battlegrounds of Westeros not as a viewer, but as loyal followers of this immense story. And we’re only halfway through this season. Continue reading

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Over these past few weeks the History Channel has provided us with an epic journey through time to first century Europe. It is a time of great change as the vikings has just discovered lands to the west. And how do they interact with the people that live in this strange new place called England? Please, they’re vikings and it has been battles, drinking, and power struggles. The show focuses on Ragnar, an ambitious viking raider whose exploits drew the anger of a jealous earl. After taking a Christian monk as a slave and making several raids on England, Ragnar must challenge the earl who has made several attempts on his life. We end up with Ragnar becoming the earl and joining forces with a famous king. This is the story leading us into tonight’s episode. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

Ragnar’s band enters the territories of Jarl Borg on a mission from King Horik to whom they’ve pledged allegience. The mission is simple, buy the Jarl’s land from him. Things are not so cut and dry though and Borg tries to negotiate a compromise regarding the land and the minerals it contains. After sending Floki back to the king with a proposition, the rest of the group travels off to see an ancient Ash tree fabled to be Yggdrasil. All except for Rollo who is left behind as a sort of insurance policy.

Meanwhile, back in Ragnar’s earldom, Lagertha worries for Ragnar and goes to visit the seer whom informs her that the gods wish to take something from her. Not long after, the land is overtaken by a terrible plague. People begin dying at an alarming rate as Lagertha and Athelstan nurse them to no avail. Siggy, Siggy’s daughter, Ragnar’s daughter, and Athelstan are all infected and Lagertha’s last hope is a sacrifice to the gods. It is too little though and soon her daughter is dead.

Ragnar in the meantime has engaged in an affair with a princess living in the Jarl’s lands and has impregnated her. This leads to him making his son feel alienated and resentful. Speaking of alienated and resentful, Rollo has been speaking with Borg and when King Horik rejects the Jarl’s proposition, Rollo decides to oppose his brother and join the Jarl. War looms on the horizon and new rivalries are born just before the final credits.

If we weren’t recently given the promise of a second season of this show, the finale would have really angered us. As it stands though, the season could not have ended at a better point. There was not a lot of action in this episode, but there was plenty of character and story building. It left us begging for just one more episode. The fight between Rollo and Ragnar has been a long time coming and we want to know how Lagertha is going to deal with the death of her daughter and Ragnar’s affair. Will she convert to Christianity and become the wife of Athelstan? And the war between the Jarl and King Horik should put the rivalry between Ragnar and Earl Haraldsen seem like child’s play. This episode gets ½. Not the best episode, but worth watching… especially after so many amazing episodes.

It’s been a while so I thought I provide another article of Atlanteanism’s beliefs. Specifically, on my views on death, what happens when we die, and the implications it has for everyone currently alive or whom will be alive. I’d made a post on Atlantean Nation describing the beliefs, but in this one I will relate them more with science than philosophy. As stated before, Atlanteanism has very similar beliefs to Buddhism. However, we diverge when it comes to the concept of escaping the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. What’s more, it all relates back to Physics 101. Continue reading

01 Reviews from the VaultI would like to welcome you all to a new segment of the blog titled Reviews from the Vault. There are new geeks coming into existence all the time, be they young geeks that are still exploring the vast history of being a geek or people whom have lived a while and are just now discovering their geekdom. Either way, we feel it is our duty to provide them with reviews of movies, games, books, and more that they may not have come to yet. Likewise, these posts may serve current geeks as well, reminding them of old gems that deserve revisiting now and again. We open the vault with a staple of geek culture, Star Trek, the original motion picture hailing from the year 1979. Continue reading

As a new category for the blog and tying it in even more with our Twitter account, we present to you the weekly featured follower. Every Follow Friday we will bring you a brief article on one of the Tweeps that follow us. If you follow us and your account is featured here it means we find your Tweets humorous, informative, poignant, and worthy of being followed. Reader, featured followers have not paid for these brief articles. These people actually follow us and we actually love their posts – you are not being misled. That said, we present our first ever featured follower, Paul Voigt. Continue reading