Geeking Cool Giveaway

Welcome to Geeking Cool’s first weekend edition, brought to you by Rogue Parlor Media. In this installment we have much to cover. First, we are giving away a slightly used mass market paperback of Max Brooks’ World War Z. We tell you how to get it below. Then we look at the Expedition 35 launch and how it made space travel history. What did we travel 30 miles to the nearest comic shop for? You’ll find out. Finally, we will take a look at some of the projects being worked on by Rogue Parlor and what you can expect in tomorrow’s installment of the blog.

Geeking Cool Gives Away World War Z

Let’s start with a giveaway. To celebrate the coming of the movie and things rising from the dead for Easter, Geeking Cool is giving away a slightly used copy of Max Brooks’ World War Z. It is a mass market paperback and there is some slight bending in the bottom right corner. But hey, it’s a free copy of a completely awesome book.

How do you get it? Visit Geeking Cool on Twitter and follow us. Then retweet this. You must be a resident of the 50 United States in order to win and we will announce the winner on Saturday, April 6th. That’s it. That’s all you have to do to get a free copy of the best zombie novel ever written.

International Space Station History is Made

On March 28th, 2013, NASA launched the Soyuz TMA-08M shuttle carrying the members of Expedition 35 to the International Space Station (see video). While this may have been a routine launch, 6 hours later it made history. Usually, the shuttle crew must remain in orbit for 48 hours before docking with the space station. However, Expedition 35 was given the go to dock only six hours later and all went according to plan. We at Geeking Cool are hoping this means we are just one step closer to personal space travel and that checking out comic shops on Mars are just around the corner.

Weekly Comic Haul – Submit or Perish

What did we get from our closest comic shop, Beyond Comics this week? Only the latest three installments of Marvel’s Age of Ultron story arch (Age of Ultron #3, Superior Spider-Man #6,¬†and Fantastic Four #5).

We’ll start with the main title of the arch. If you’ve been following the storyline you know that Ultron, an artificially intelligent robot, has attacked Earth and wiped out many of the world’s heroes. A band of them have taken refuge in the sewers of New York and are trying to devise a plan to defeat the perfect intelligence. Number three reveals this plan: knock She-Hulk out and take her as a peace offering. But nothing ever goes according to plan in this story. Check out this title if you love post-apocalyptic stories with solid writing and massive ruined city landscapes. Also, Red Hulk makes an appearance.

Next we come to Fantastic Four #5. Throughout the Age of Ultron storyline, we had not heard anything about “the world’s greatest heroes”. This issue finally gives us the 4-1-1. What happened to them? This and Reed Richards’ admission to atheism are the best reasons to read this book. Not to mention the bittersweet ending.

Finally, we have Superior Spider-Man #6. This is quite possibly the best installment of the story so far. For starters, we learn that the webslinger is not the man we thought he was. It is a reveal that stopped us in our tracks. And then we learn that the man he is is not the man we thought HE was. Double whammy!!! This is a definite must have but some of the references require having read Age of Ultron #1-3 to fully understand. We look forward to reading the rest of this story which is rumored to end with Neil Gaiman’s return to Marvel bringing former Image Comics character, Angela.

At the Parlor

What are we working on at Rogue Parlor Media? Well, aside from getting the blog and Twitter up and running, we are working on a single panel comic strip which we will bring more news on as we get closer to it’s release date. Also, we are working on our next item for to give away… this one truly unique. And what can you expect from tomorrow’s late edition blog? We will offer our review of the Walking Dead season finale, more science news, and more comic book news.